GSO Dobson N 300/1500

GSO Dobson N 300/1500

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A high quality Dobson telescope with parabolic quality optics with 300mm 12-inch opening. GSO Dobson feature levels in the upper quality range and convince by a favorable price. This telescope is ideal for deep sky observation. The largest of GSO Dobson with full tube. For transportation you need a station wagon or van, but 300mm aperture already offer memorable observation experiences. Nebulae and galaxies are already ready with details that are more reminiscent of a astrophotography. The benefits at a glance:
  • High quality optics with parabolic 300 mm aperture and 1500 mm focal length
  • 94% coating for a brighter high-contrast image
  • More 2 "Crayford focuser for precise focusing - with reduction to 1.25"
  • Sturdy metal body and adjustable mirror mounts for opimale figure even after many years
  • Good expandability even for astrophotography.
  • Active main mirror ventilation accelerates the temperature adjustment of the telescope.
Dobson telescopes by GSO offer a very good price performance. The optical performance of this mirror telescope is outstanding, thanks to high-quality primary mirror and improved silvering. The telescope also convinces with a very robust mechanics and ease of operation. Dobson telescopes offer maximum performance in the sky in the price range. Contrast and sharpness in the sky: We recommend the telescope every amateur astronomer who likes observed. Fog objects and galaxies even brighter, than in similar telescopes same opening through better reflection properties. Moon and planets are shown with many details. The secondary mirror is optimized and causes little shading. The thin spider vanes improve contrast and sharpness. Plug and play: Dobson of GSO are simple and robust built, even as a beginner you have the telescope quickly under control. Within a few minutes the device is ready for use. Set the rocker, which is the lower part of the device on. Hang the tube with round wheels height into the cavity and tighten the springs. The device is ready for observation. Expansion options: A Dobson of GSO is an ideal start into astronomy. You get a high-quality telescope. If you later Interested eg for astrophotography, you will get for this telescope tube rings. In order to use the Newton on a equatorial mount. Also filter, further eyepieces, corrector systems or even binocular approaches are available for this telescope with us. The quality of the main mirror: The main mirror is the most important element for the development of the image. We use selected levels with the highest quality of GSO. Each mirror is significantly better than diffraction limited. This ensures unadulterated joy of watching. The Crayford focuser: A solid Crayford has over a simple rack and pinion excerpt some advantages:
  • Smooth and fine adjustment for precise focusing even at high magnification
  • Gentle clamping of eyepieces and adapters by a clamping ring. No screw presses directly on the eyepiece and can tilt it.
  • By ball bearing the image does not tilt during the focusing. This is a problem in many low-extracts.
Setting and tracking of celestial objects: the setting and also the tracking of nebulae, galaxies and planets done in this telescope by hand. For this reason, an accurate and smooth adjustment is necessary. A tension spring for height ensures a controlled pressure. The telescope is not adjusted if, for example, times the eyepiece is changed. The horizontal adjustment is ball bearings. This also guarantees a smooth adjustment. The active main mirror ventilation: Often the telescope is not kept at the place where you observed. The result is a different temperature of the primary mirror to the environment. A fan behind the main mirror blows the cooler air to the back of the primary mirror, thus reducing the cooling time. In addition, warm air is transported faster in the far ear inside.

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