GSO N 250/1250 Deluxe Dobson

GSO N 250/1250 Deluxe Dobson

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Powerful and portable GSD 880 Dobson with 10 "aperture and 1250mm focal length The ideal telescope for observing deep sky objects. The tube still fits into the backseat of your car. The benefits at a glance:
  • Quality levels of GSO with 94% coating for a brighter image
  • Robust metal body with very good Justierstabilität
  • 2 "Crayford with 1:10 micro reduction for accurate focusing
  • Hautpspiegelbelüftung for faster cooling of the optical system
  • New and innovative Friktionslagerung for height adjustment with adjustable resistance
  • Ball-bearing horizontal adjustment to allow easy adjustment and tracking the object
  • Extensive features such as 2 "30mm eyepiece, 8x50 finder and 9mm Super Plössl
Experience observation joy with a quality optics from GSO. Watch the biggest hurricane, known to man, the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. Look at the rings of Saturn and the Cassini division recognize them, which gives an idea of the true structure of Saturn's rings. Take pleasure in the light gathering power of this high-quality parabolic optics and recognize the spiral arms of galaxies or wisps of fog of places where stars are forming. This observation successes are possible from the first night, because the manufacturer has not only equipped with the GS680 a prime diffraction-limited optics, but also with a dignified mechanics. That is why this telescope is also very suitable for beginners, it is very easy to use. The high quality optics from GSO naturally offers the highest magnification range, at the moon and planets, a good performance. Enjoy a high-resolution observation, which is limited only by the quality of the air in practice. The 2 "Crayford GSO: The focuser is clearly superior to simple statements with gear / engine.
  • no wobbling in focusing (Shifting)
  • improving the flexibility - up to 3kg weight
  • 1:10 micro reduction for more accurate focusing
  • Ring clamp for 2 "and 1.25" accessories for a good grip and precise positioning on the axis
The amount of storage GSO Dobson: At the height of storage has been found a new more effective solution. A stable steel axle carrying the entire Tube weight. The adjustment takes place on two CNC surfaces made - precisely and without lateral slipping. In addition, you can adjust the resistance depending on a large thumbscrew on each side - from ultra light to high-resistance. This allows you to, for example, at high wind load prevent the yielding of the device. Equilibration: You can adjust the balance of Dobson's accurate. If you, for example, instead of the 8x50 finder using a light red dot finder or if you want to use a heavy Bino approach at the eyepiece ... No problem - simply adjust the position of the height of the wheel to the rocker box - a precise scaling ensures that they on each side have the same position. The roller bearings for horizontal adjustment: A simple Teflon bearings as it has used previously, the manufacturer, will cause a severe adjustment. Just when the telescope is directed towards the zenith, the lever is so unfavorable that a fine adjustment is almost impossible. The modern industrial roller bearings allows a very fine adjustment. Above and below the bearings are metal plates that prevent press rolls in the soft laminate. Thus, the adjustment remains even uniformly after many years.

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